This is the awkward bit… the bit that finds you out.

The whole reason for me putting this site up is to promote ‘The Book’. To drive an unknowing, uncaring world into the Amazon Kindle bookstore with their £3.50’s ready to spend on my, as yet undiscovered, efforts.  How else would they know I’ve written it? Most of ’em knew I was writing it;  I’d told enough people over the years, but now I’ve finished it. There it is, see? Below. Can’t miss it.







There’s a link there too, just a few inches to the right. ‘A few days up North‘. Takes you right to the Amazon Book Store where you can read more about it. Or buy it.

So it’s done. But I’m not. I think from time to time I may comment on here, ‘blog’ as they say. Not sure what about yet, and that’s the awkward bit.  It will probably be stuff that crops up in my life and how I see it and I guess from time to time there will be some sort of rant of one kind or another… seems these days there’s always plenty to rant about. Err, perhaps I should say discuss? If anyone wants to join in thoughtfully and with wit, that’s fine, I may even engage, time permitting. Let’s see how it goes.




Neil Chapman