about me

Let’s get the picture thing outta the way first. I’ve put a picture up, not because this is a vanity project, but simply because I believe in this virtual world people are innately curious to see who they are talking to, and what they look like… the face behind the name. So now you know.

Meanwhile, a brief, a very brief pen picture

A working class Grammar School boy, I was taken out of school early and pitched into work to help support the family, following my father’s illness. That’s what you did in those days.

An interesting few years followed.

I became a semi-professional footballer with two international youth caps, and then morphed into a croupier at a local Strip Club-come-Casino. As you do.

A couple of years later, now in my early twenties and after swearing I never wanted to see a naked woman ever again (a feeling that soon passed, strangely), I went  ‘legitimate’ and spent a few years building two used-car businesses.

Marriage settled me down a little, and the imminent arrival of the first of  two daughters, and the early signs of a recession, saw me sell the business and join a ‘blue chip’ multi-national company as a salesman.

Four years later I was their youngest National Sales Manager ever. Twenty years later, I was their oldest Sales Manager ever, and now I also managed a chunk of the marketing department too, along with Customer Service, Tele-Sales etc. etc.

It’s the marketing bit that’s interesting, because that’s where it all started.

I found I had a talent for writing and, for a number of years, I wrote most of the company’s internal and external communications, mail shots, advertising copy, and devised and scripted numerous international conferences. Not Man Booker stuff admittedly, but from small acorns……..

Almost as soon as I hit fifty years of age, I retired.

I wanted to write.

Full time.

I reckoned that if you want to do something you love, you have to do it properly.

To date, I’ve  finished the novel, A few days up North, and I’ve also adapted it into a three part TV serial and written a film screenplay based on the story. You can tell I like the story. I’ve written another screenplay too, based on the true story of the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911. Thing is though, writing screenplays is an entirely different matter to writing a book;  it’s a different craft altogether and I’m not sure I’ve mastered it.  Yet.  But the book is good. Is very good. I know I can write.

Currently I’m in the early stages of writing a sequel to A few days up North.

So there you have it…..  a little bit about me; enough to be going on with.