Flash fiction one

I’m sure you know how this works. Competitions are held where writers are challenged to write a story using a certain number of words… 250,  500, 1000 etc.  Can be anything I think, up to around 3000 words. And then because the judges can’t decide  which one was best, the one that they all  thought was second best, wins. On a compromise.

Sour grapes? Me? Noooo.

Let’s just say I shan’t be entering anymore competitions.


Anyway… here’s the last two I shall ever write.



A Vindictive Woman


It all went wrong the very day he introduced her to his family.

‘I love you.’ she said.

‘No you don’t.’

‘I do…I’m always telling you.’

‘10 times a day? Too often. That’s how I know you don’t.’


‘Your husband left you. Your’e on the rebound. Insecure.’

A  long silence followed.

‘I hate you.’

‘That’s more like it.’

‘You think you’re so smart.’

‘Smart? …it’s  relative.’

‘Relative?   what does that mean?’

‘It means… by comparison.’

‘So I’m stupid?… that sort of relative?’

That sort of relative.’

‘I’d better go.’

She left. He smiled. He really liked her. She could be ‘The One.’ But she could wait.



Three months later they met again

‘I’m seeing someone’ she said. Triumphantly

‘That was quick. Thought you loved me?’

‘I do… I mean I did.’

‘But you love him now?’

‘I do.’

He loved their banter. He’d missed her. Yes, she could be ‘The One.’

‘And how many times have you told him today?’

‘Lots……. I’m pregnant !’

‘Pregnant !’

‘Yes… it means I’m having a baby.’

‘I know that. Who’s?’

I’ve only known him a few weeks, so….’

‘It can’t be mine.’

‘You sure?’

‘I’ve had the snip… remember?’

‘Accidents happen!’

He could see her baby bump now. He patted it. Now he knew. She was ‘The One.’

‘But…it wasn’t an accident’ she said ‘The baby has your DNA.’


‘Not so smart now are you?  You see, it’s all……. relative.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘It’s your brothers…that sort of relative.’



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