Some poetry

I did say somewhere on this blog that ‘other stuff’ was a sort of filing cabinet for stuff I didn’t know what to do with. So here’s a couple of poems. I honestly can’t remember what I was doing writing poetry or what I must have been thinking at the time because it’s not a genre I have any real interest in. And I think it shows. Having said that, there’s something about them I like. I’ll keep working on them. Meanwhile………..


Lust for words

I find writing far easier than talking

Simply because

When you write the wrong thing

You can delete it

When you say the wrong thing

The damage is done

For example

When I say words like

I love you

I mean it

at the time

I’m sure I do

But, thinking back

It was probably just the lust

We shared

But after a while

Feelings change

Well they did for me


Who knows?

Don’t think her feelings changed

But then again

I was still making all the right noises

So to speak





I used to think it was words that differentiated us

Intellectually that is

But words are just the tools that we use

Words can make the clever man look a fool

And the fool seem a clever man


So it’s the mind and its intent

That carries the power

To speak good or evil

And everything in between


The English language in particular

Is rich in colour and nuance

So many words that mean the same thing

And some quite the opposite

Think sentence, table and sting


Of course it depends

On how words are presented

Which brings into play rhetoric

And oration


People want people to

Say what they mean

And mean what they say

Fat chance these days

And thinking about it

Other days too


So what am I saying?

I’m not sure I’m saying anything much

Of import

I just wanted to gush forth

A cavalcade. A circus

Of words that allude to something intellectual


Sorry about that

But there is a serious point in there


I started brightly. And my intent was good

But then I became lost for words

I blame my mind.


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