the book


‘The Book’ is called ‘A few days up North’, it’s by moi ( Neil Chapman)  and you can buy it in the Amazon Kindle bookstore… use the link on the right here if you like. It’s priced at a rather silly £2.99, but hurry, this offer expires in five years time.

So what do you get for your £2.99? Well, you get yourself a compelling, page turning, real life psychological thriller, that’s what.

What’s it about? If you read the short synopsis below, it’ll give you a taste of the style, the pace, the tone etc. But if you still want more, use the Amazon website link and there you can preview the opening chapters. If you don’t like what you read, I wouldn’t bother if I was you. But if you do…
There’s a video below too… bit risky this, because you might not like the look or the sound of me… ah well. Just remember, genius comes in all shapes and sizes.

 Synopsis: A few days up North

The ‘phone rang. It was Ronny. Ronny Moon. He was excited. Or was it nerves? It’s difficult to tell with Ronny these days.
‘Jack, do you remember that bloke I told you about? Said he was a writer.’
‘Oh yes,’ I said. I remembered only too well. Some guy, Chapman I think his name was, had wanted to tell our story, but I didn’t like the idea much. Not at all, in fact. It wasn’t a story I wanted told.
‘Well, he’s finished the book Jack.’
’Book? What book? The last thing I needed was for somebody to write a book about those few days. I was trying to forget ‘em. Get my life sorted out. Patch things up with Jess. I didn’t like the sound of this. ‘Hang on.’ I said. ‘I thought he was supposed to write an outline or something first? Something to give us a clue about what the story is about.’
‘Well, he reckons he can’t. He says that wouldn’t really capture what happened. Yeah, it covers the events, the drama, the confrontations, and all that stuff well enough, but he says there’s a lot more to the story than that.’
‘More to the story?’ I was incredulous. What ‘more to the story’ does he want? Writer? What sort of writer is he, that can’t write about that then, eh?’
‘Well, he says that it was too difficult to capture the real flavour, the pace, the action, the dialogue and all that. He reckons that what is interesting is why it happened, why we did what we did. And what was going on in our heads when everything kicked off around us.’
I went silent for a moment. Thinking. And the more I thought about it I could see he might be right. I still didn’t like it though.
‘Have you read it’
‘Well, I don’t know how to say this.’…he faltered. ‘It’s good. It’s very good. And it’s all there. Everything. But…’
Here we go,’ I thought. ‘But what? Ronny
‘Well, he’s made you the hero!’
Shit! That was all I needed. Hero? That’s a laugh. Not so long ago I might have gone along with that. It fitted with what I liked to think about myself. But not anymore.
Look, you had better read this; it still gives me the shudders just thinking about it. I think it’s what you’d call a psychological thriller.
It all begins when I’m called back to my roots after a twenty year absence. Expecting just to heal a few scars from the past with a bit of nostalgia thrown in, I find myself back in the murky world I thought I had left behind. In the space of a few hours I’m pitched into mayhem…a murder plot, dead bodies, a drugs scandal and then, if that’s not enough, I’m hunted by my nemesis; a violent psychopath. At the same time, my self perception and my arrogance are shattered when I learn that back home, my partner might be cheating on me. For the first time in my life, I’ve got some sorting out to do; not least to confront who I really am, and what I want.


Err… still doesn’t tell you much about what it’s about does it?…. perhaps the video might help?